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PositronCannon's Fansubban Stuffs

Affecting the project since 2008

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Digimon Adventure 02 Subbed
Moved to http://positronsubs.wordpress.com/

This makes me happy

im looking forward to this!

Damn, and I was thinking about doing the same thing myself, though starting with episode 22 (the first one to have not been fansubbed by anyone). In fact, I already did that to 22 and 23, so if you're interested, here are the subtitle files:


Oh wow, and I thought I was the only one. Well, I want to sub the whole thing anyway.

Thank you so much for doing this!!

That's great. I was going to sub them myself, but my japanese skills are mediocre at best and I suck impressingly at timing. So... less work for me!


i already searched for digimon zero 2 anime with eng subbed but i can't find it. luckily i found you . thanks a lot.

The Digimon Kaizer arc [until about episode 20 or 21] has been done by Wolfpack Productions. However, they haven't released anything new for quite a while.

I think you need to be told again you're awesome for taking on Tamers and 02 :D Wow, not much Tamers left O.o
But I didnt know Funimation's subs were crappy! Dammit...I watched it all...So thanks for subbing it :D Tho, I prolly wont watch for awhile, since I have watched it recently XD But I'll definitely watch em sometime in the future X3
Oh, and I live in the UK, I watched all of 02 on Funimation, then when I went onto it a little while back, it said that I couldnt watch anything cuz it wasnt available in my country. O.o Weird much? Has that happened to anyone else?

yes. yes. yes.

at last.. well done. :)

(Kudou Shinichi)

Thank you so much *_____* I couldn't stand the crappy French and English dubs.

This North-America-Only rule was just screaming "INFRINGE ME" anyway. Glad you decided to do something about it ^^

You rock!!

Pleas continue subbing til the end, I'll watch it all <3



You are my hero. (again)

Thank you very much i love you, this is my last digimon series i have search for a long time

OMG! Thank you so much! No more using crunchyroll to watch the episodes! :D I can have it on my laptop!

Thank you so much!!!! This is very much appreciated :D