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Digimon Adventure 02 Subbed
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This makes me happy

im looking forward to this!

Damn, and I was thinking about doing the same thing myself, though starting with episode 22 (the first one to have not been fansubbed by anyone). In fact, I already did that to 22 and 23, so if you're interested, here are the subtitle files:


Oh wow, and I thought I was the only one. Well, I want to sub the whole thing anyway.

Thank you so much for doing this!!

That's great. I was going to sub them myself, but my japanese skills are mediocre at best and I suck impressingly at timing. So... less work for me!


i already searched for digimon zero 2 anime with eng subbed but i can't find it. luckily i found you . thanks a lot.

The Digimon Kaizer arc [until about episode 20 or 21] has been done by Wolfpack Productions. However, they haven't released anything new for quite a while.

I think you need to be told again you're awesome for taking on Tamers and 02 :D Wow, not much Tamers left O.o
But I didnt know Funimation's subs were crappy! Dammit...I watched it all...So thanks for subbing it :D Tho, I prolly wont watch for awhile, since I have watched it recently XD But I'll definitely watch em sometime in the future X3
Oh, and I live in the UK, I watched all of 02 on Funimation, then when I went onto it a little while back, it said that I couldnt watch anything cuz it wasnt available in my country. O.o Weird much? Has that happened to anyone else?

yes. yes. yes.

at last.. well done. :)

(Kudou Shinichi)

Thank you so much *_____* I couldn't stand the crappy French and English dubs.

This North-America-Only rule was just screaming "INFRINGE ME" anyway. Glad you decided to do something about it ^^

You rock!!

Pleas continue subbing til the end, I'll watch it all <3



You are my hero. (again)

Thank you very much i love you, this is my last digimon series i have search for a long time

OMG! Thank you so much! No more using crunchyroll to watch the episodes! :D I can have it on my laptop!

Thank you so much!!!! This is very much appreciated :D

Plans for movies?

First of all, I want to say thank you very much for the subtitled Tamers and Adventure 02 episodes! I was disappointed by the lack of Tamers subs and the quality of the official subs, so seeing these are amazing! Honestly, it's a shame you aren't a fan of Frontier, because it could use the touch of a dedicated guy such as yourself. I understand not wanting to do a season you don't like, though.
My question is this: do you have plans to sub any of the Digimon movies? The only subs I have found have pretty horrible quality video (I don't know how accurate the subs are, though). Of course, I wouldn't expect you to do the Frontier movie, but since you've done Tames and are now doing Adventure 02, I thought that you might at least be willing to do the Adventure and Tamers movies (once you finish 02, of course). Thanks again for your outstanding work!

I'll be subbing the Tamers movies with cardslash02, either while we work on the revised version of the series or after we're done with it. However, there are no plans to sub anything else.

Remember I don't translate, I just use other sources and my limited knowledge of Japanese to sub things. I'd be willing to sub the other movies with the help of an actual translator, and I feel I'm already asking a lot of cardslash with the whole Tamers revision and all.

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hi! thanks for uploading this series!
im sooo looking forward to see these! =D

wait... no more digimon 02?

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Thanks... you're back!

waiting for the completed series

nice sub bro....
i still wait your sub until finish.


I'll wait for a 11-20 torrent :) :)


thank you so much!!! you have my support on this!! HAIL POSITRONCANNON!!!


Wow this is awesome! i fully support you guys. i wish we could do more than just give you kind words! =)

you know how digimon is hard to get so.. Hooray for Positron Cannon!


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